In LingvaText we offer a multitude of different services. Whether it is a research paper or website localization, we can do it with expert quality.
LingvaText provides professional translation services in all contemporary languages and a wide variety of subject matters, including software, IT, business, law, academia, medicine, science, technology, etc.
We have rich global experience and high translation standards. Since 2012 we have been providing high-quality language translation services in over 150 languages with a certified global team of 8,000+ linguists and subject matter experts (SMEs)
The core values of our company are quality, reliability and transparency. We want to make translations better and easier and provide our clients with the best service possible
Our goal is to deliver value to our client through high quality translation services in +100 languages
Translations for Marketing
Reports and Presentations
Websites and Applications
Legal Translations
Terms & Conditions
Regulatory Documents
Patents and Licensing Agreements
Websites, online shops
Digital documents
Apps, PC software, games
Crypto, blockchain
Corporate Translations
Tax Reports
Banking and Finance
Contracts, articles of association
Certificates, other documents
Media Translations
Transcribing and Subtitling
Social Media Management
Online magazine translation
Medicine and Science
Clinical trials
Medical Translations, reports
Drug descriptions
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LingvaText provides translation expertise in a variety of professional areas. We strive for the most precise and quality translation solutions
Software localization
We provide a wide variety of language and localization services for IT companies striving to conquer the whole world by localizing their IT products in different languages.
Biomedical translations
Whether you need to translate technical sheets for a new drug manufacturing factory or looking for a Korean to English translator with PhD in Biology, you can always rely on Lingvatext!
Website translation
Hundreds of thousands of new websites and internet portals are born every day all over the world. Let us connect your online business with your potential customers speaking different languages.
Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain
This new industry has so many promises of our borderless financial future starting from the ability to store value digitally to micropayments. We understand and value your work in this fast changing environment.
Legal translations
Lingvatext translators are qualified responsible professionals who can provide certificates of translation accuracy which you may need for translation of some legal documents.
Education & Scientific Research
Lingvatext serves a multitude of companies starting from early education institutes to established scientists and R&D companies in the US and other countries.
Books & Literature
We take pride in translating not only business related materials, but also fiction and non-fiction books on such topics as zen buddhism, city guides, manuals and even books about indigenous hunting.
Engineering & Construction
Lingvatext loves translating complicated engineering and construction technical sheets. It may sound strange, but all we need is a glossary if you have one and off we go!
Marketing & Advertising
If you sell anything, then you need proper marketing and advertising. Our professional translators would be happy to help you get your word to your potential customers in Korea, Russia, Ethiopia or any other country!