Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy specifies how ("Site") collects information from users. This privacy policy applies to the Site, all subdomains of the Site and all products and services offered by the Site.

This page contains information about what information we or third parties may receive when you use our Site.
Received information
We only receive from you information that you send via the feedback form on the Site: name, email address, telephone number, comments and suggestions. We also get information about the IP address of a visitor to the Site and the link from which web site the visitor came. This information is not used to identify the visitor.

We also use standard cookie technology. Cookies do not contain confidential information and are not shared with third parties. Cookie technology does not contain any personal information about you. To view material without cookies, you can set your browser to not accept cookies or to notify you when they are sent. You can read more about how cookies work here:

How we use the information we collect

The information we receive on the Site is used solely to contact you in order to fulfil our obligations.

How we protect your information

We take appropriate security measures to collect, store and process collected data to protect it from unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or destruction of your personal information (name, email address, telephone number, comments and suggestions stored on our Site).

Shared access to personal information

We do not sell, exchange or rent users' personal information. We do not share the users' personal information with third parties in any way.

Changes in privacy policy

The administration of the Site has the right to update this privacy policy at any time in its sole discretion. By using the Site, you agree to assume responsibility for periodic review of this Privacy Policy and changes in it.

Your acceptance of these terms

By using this Site, you agree to the Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions described above, please do not use our Site. Your continued use of the Site if changes are made to this policy will be deemed your acceptance of those changes.

Disclaimer of liability

The administration of the Site does not bear responsibility for actions of owners of other sites. This Privacy Policy has no relation to other sites.
How to get in touch with us
If you have any questions about the privacy policy, use of the Site, or other matters related to the Site, please contact us:

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Privacy of Personal Information
1. 1. Provision of information by the Client:

1.1. When sending the feedback form, the Client may provide the following information:

Name, e-mail address, contact phone number.

1.2. Providing his personal data, the Client agrees to their processing (up to the withdrawal of the Client's consent to the processing of his personal data) by the administration of the Site (hereinafter - "Seller"), in order to fulfill the obligations of the Seller and / or his partners to the client, the sale of goods and services, the provision of background information, as well as to promote products, works and services, as well as agrees to receive advertising and service messages.

1.2.1. If the Customer wishes to clarify his personal data, block it or destroy it if the personal data is incomplete, outdated, inaccurate, obtained illegally or is not necessary for the stated purpose of processing, or if the Customer wishes to withdraw his consent to the processing of personal data or to eliminate illegal actions of the Seller in relation to his personal data, he must send an official request to the Seller in accordance with the privacy policy.

If the Customer wishes to delete his/her account on the Site, the Customer addresses with a corresponding request.

1.3. Use of information provided by the Client and received by the Seller.

1.3.1 The Seller uses the data provided by the Customer for the purpose of processing the Customer's Orders and to fulfill its obligations to the Customer.

2. Submission and transfer of information received by the Seller:

2.1 The Seller undertakes not to transfer information received from the Client to third parties. The provision of information by the Seller to agents and third parties acting on the basis of an agreement with the Seller to fulfill obligations to the Customer and only within the framework of agreements is not considered a violation. Transfer by the Seller to the third parties of the information about the Client in impersonal form for the purpose of an estimation and the analysis of work of the Site is not considered as infringement of this point.

2.2 Transfer of information in accordance with reasonable and applicable U.S. law requirements is not considered a violation of obligations.

2.3. The Seller may use "cookies" technology. "Cookies" do not contain confidential information and are not transferred to third parties.

2.4 The Seller receives information about the ip-address of the website visitor and information about the link from which website the visitor came. This information is not used to identify the visitor.

2.5. The Seller is not responsible for information provided by the Customer on the Site in a publicly available form.

2.6. Seller in processing personal data takes the necessary and sufficient organizational and technical measures to protect personal data from unauthorized access to them, as well as other illegal actions in relation to personal data.