Legal translation
Legal translation is the translation of texts related to the field of law used to exchange legal information between people who speak different languages. As the law is a subject area related to the socio-political and cultural characteristics of the country, legal translation is not an easy task. For legal information to be adequately transmitted, the language of the legal translation must be particularly precise, clear and reliable. Sometimes legal translation is considered a special type of technical translation.
Types of legal translation
Depending on the type of legal documents to be translated, legal translation can be
- translation of laws and regulations and their projects
- contract translation
- translation of legal opinions and memoranda
- apostilles
- corporate incorporation translation
- power of attorney transfer


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Legal Translator Requirements
Professional legal translators should have extensive experience in the legal field, the minimum requirement is a Bachelor's degree awarded for an undergraduate program in the arts and sciences.
Legal documents and theoretical works should be translated only by professional translators who specialize in legal translation. As a rule, they have the appropriate legal education or at least considerable experience in translating legal subjects. Errors in the translation of the contract text may lead, for example, to material damage and legal action.
Use of working information sources
As working sources of information, translators of legal texts are often checked against legal dictionaries, especially bilingual ones. They should be treated with caution, since most bilingual legal dictionaries provide translation options without reference to the relevant branch of law, or have no reference to the law at all, and their use in an incorrect sense may lead to translation errors. General bilingual dictionaries that do not reflect the terminology of the law should not be relied upon at all for legal translation purposes.
Editing in legal translations
An indispensable step in the process of legal translation of documents is editing the text of the translation by another person, preferably a lawyer.